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A RAD16z is an alternative to standard switchboxes for impractical areas such as in stage floor pockets or above ceilings. Its form factor is a rugged metal box with flexible surface mounting options. The RAD16z is plenum-rated UL 2043.
329,00 €
Εγγύηση προϊόντος
  • Plenum-rated 2-ch I/O box with logic
  • Alternative to standard switch boxes for impractical areas such as floor pockets or above ceilings
  • 2 balanced Mic / Line / Line-Plus inputs and 2 balanced line outputs on Euroblockconnectors
  • 2 Logic Inputs and Outputs interface other devices to HAL with toggles or commands, such as push-to-talk or mute switches, projectors, lights, alarms, etc
  • Dimensions 12.5 x 8.4 x 2.7 cm

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